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Time Machine


Time Machine Time Machine is a sexy and free stop watch and timer app for Nokia touch phones. - Count down or up from a set time- Change interface choosing from different options. - Use as a watch for your night table- Set alarm tone, volume and style

Today Touch


Today Touch Today Touch application helps you to remember the greatest events, births, deaths, holidays & observances occured in the past on that particular day when you open this app on your mobile. The application might be useful for those who want to keep tr ...

Voice Recorder


Voice Recorder Voice Recorder is a handy app for recording your own voice on your Nokia Symbian touch device. Voice Recorder a very simple application. The red button on the bottom of the screen is used to start/stop the recording. The recorded data will be displayed ...

Watch Lite Touch


Watch Lite Touch This is a classic clock with dials for hours, minutes and seconds. You have an option to keep the backlight on until the application is closed.

Wikipedia Reader


Wikipedia Reader Wikipedia Reader widget is a wikipedia application for Nokia Symbian touch phones. It allows reading Wikipedia pages in a format appropriate for small screens.



X-Plore X-plore is a file manager for S60 phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system. You can list directories, delete, copy, find, pack, send files and more. There is powerful direct mark/unmark functionality, its possible to manage bunch of fi ...