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Mr Lock


Mr Lock Mr Lock is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which allows you to set autolock timing for your phone.  Once enabled, it automatically locks your mobile.  You can enable auto lock functionality in any of your selected profile or on all profil ...

MY PHONE!! 2.10


MY PHONE!! 2.10 "My phone" is an app that turns your mobile phone into an IPhone mobile i put the version because the newer version(2.40) must be purchased to use. this version is free ^_^

Night Stand Touch


Night Stand Touch Night Stand Touch is a handy app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which replaces a normal digital night stand clock. Night Stand Touch comes with an alarm, snooze and dimming. You can use your mobile phone as a night stand while charging it. The applicati ...

Nokia Notifications


Nokia Notifications Nokia Notifications gathers missed calls, voicemails, messages, and missed calendar alarms and presents them in one list for you to manage at your convenience. Installed as a widget in your device's homescreen, Nokia Notifications removes the need to a ...

Phone Locator


Phone Locator Phonelocator periodic is a free service to help you keep tabs on the location of your phone. It runs in the background and can periodically update the phone's location to the Phonelocator server. Updates can also be triggered remotely by sending a text ...



PhoneTorch PhoneTorch is a tool for SymbianOS 9.4 5th Edition (e.g. Nokia 5800XM) phones which allows to use the phone's build in white and red LED flash as a torch.

Skyfire 1.5


Skyfire 1.5 Skyfire 1.5 brings full VGA support for 5th edition devices, finger-friendly UI, smooth scrolling, full screen mode and much more.

Strobe Touch


Strobe Touch Stroboscopic lamp in your touch device! Tune the blinking frequency by adjusting the slider control.