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ImageShack ImageShack widget for Nokia Symbian touch phones helps you to upload images to ImageShack, an image hosting service.



Inclinometer The basic functionality of this simlpe application is to show your vehicle angles while off-roading using a phone with an accelerometer. Just Fix your mobile phone in a secure cradle and then launch the app!. To keep the backlight on, select "Light on" ...

Load Applet


Load Applet Load Applet is an app for Nokia N900 which shows CPU and memory usage, takes screenshots and records screencasts. It is a small Status-bar applet that monitors the CPU load and the memory consumption. It also has menu for screenshot and screencast takin ...

Memo Touch


Memo Touch Memo Touch is an app from Offscreen Technology for Nokia Symbian touch phones. The good looking keypad of this application allows you to write easily. Once written, it will be saved in the application and will be available till you delete it. The de ...

Metal Detector Touch


Metal Detector Touch Metal Detector Touch is a small utility application for Nokia Symbian touch phones. Metal Detector Touch application detects any ferromagnetic object or magnetic field nearby your mobile device. Wave your device in a figure-of-8 until meter is full to ca ...

Mobile Info


Mobile Info Mobile Info is an application for Nokia Symbian touch phones which tells you about the Battery Strength, Standby Times, Talk Time etc.

Mode Selection Applet (N900)


Mode Selection Applet (N900) With Mode Selection Applet you can switch between the three network modes (3G, 2G and Dual) from the status menu on your Nokia N900. The app adds three buttons to the Status Menu allowing switching of the Network mode.

Motion Dice Box


Motion Dice Box Motion Dice box lets you play many traditional dice games on your Nokia Symbian touch phones, just by shaking your phone.