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Converter Touch


Converter Touch This application can convert any units of measure. Besides it looks very good, its simple and intuitive to use. It was also tested to work in Nokia key devices. There is no exchange rate conversion, though. For currency conversion you might be interested ...


Mad Bomber


Mad Bomber Mad Bomber is an app for N900. Your job is to catch bombs with a set of trusty buckets before they hit the ground and explode.   Mad Bomber is a clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 console game, "Kaboom!," by Larry Kaplan, with spruce ...


Vector Winter


Vector Winter Vector Winter is a theme application for Nokia Symbian Touch Phones.


Kero Mobile


Kero Mobile Kero Mobile the next generation service oriented mobile AppStore. Kero Mobile allows mobile users to access mobile applications, games, media, music, social networking communities, news, sport news, blogs, city information, RSS feeds and more. The Kero ...


Wall Calendar Touch


Wall Calendar Touch Calendar Touch (V1.0) is a Calendar app for Nokia Symbian 5th Edition mobile phones. With Calendar Touch one can make entries on particular dates in calendar by using a notepad. A small recycle icon on the top left erases the notepad and a button on the t ...


Currencies Touch


Currencies Touch Currencies Touch (V1.0) is an app for Nokia Symbian 5th edition based mobile phones (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, X6, N97 Mini and 5530 XpressMusic). It is a currency converter app which has decent and smart interface and allows you to do the currency con ...


Colour Master


Colour Master Colour Master Touch V1.0 is a Symbian S60 5th edition game which works with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6 and 5530 XpressMusic. Colour Master is a classic colour code breaking game. Its completely free!




Symabook Symabook is a new Facebook Platform application for Nokia Symbian 5th Edition mobile phones.  Symabook features user interface that is not seen before in symbian devices.