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Azenis XM


Azenis XM Azenis XM is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with four different wall papers! All wallpapers have a nature theme (flowers etc).



Bentley Bentley is a cool car theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones.

Black (N900)


Black (N900) Black is a stylish dark/black theme for the Nokia N900. This theme comes with custom icons. For instructions how to install this theme on your N900,go to Mowmo's homepage (

Blue Dots


Blue Dots A blue dots theme by Sunnylovesalman

Cat Party


Cat Party Cat Party, also known as Party- he, she, it!, is a theme for catlovers and Nokia Symbian touch phone owners.

Color Pulse


Color Pulse Color Pulse is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with custom icons. Color Pulse combines different colours and effects to create a cool atmosphere. The theme has been tested on Nokia 5800 and it should work on other Nokia Symbian touc ...

Dark Black (N900)


Dark Black (N900) Dark Black is a stylish black theme for Nokia N900.



Desk Desk is a cool theme Nokia Symbian touch phones i.e. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97 and 5530 XpressMusic. Desk theme is based on wooden look and feel. The wooden graphics of this theme gives it a unique look. The theme comes with custom icons version and the ...