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Windows Vista Ultimate


Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Vista Ultimate is a cool basic theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones.  The graphics of this theme is similar to the background graphics comes with Vista. The theme comes with custom Vista icons


Flip Clock Touch


Flip Clock Touch Flip Clock Touch is a clock application with calendar that displays the time and date on a stylish split flap display. The application runs in landscape mode and displays clock and calendar in full screen.


Crayons Touch


Crayons Touch Crayons application allows you to draw on your mobile and share it with others.   The very stylish interface of this drawing app makes drawing a real fun. You can click on crayon to change its color to let you draw in different colors. Click on the ...


Today Touch


Today Touch Today Touch application helps you to remember the greatest events, births, deaths, holidays & observances occured in the past on that particular day when you open this app on your mobile. The application might be useful for those who want to keep tr ...


SingHealth Calorie Countdown


SingHealth Calorie Countdown If you are health conscious then SingHealth Calorie Countdown Widget is a must have app for your Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles. The widget shows you how many calories you expend during your favourite activity/excercise. It's easy, just follow the step-b ...

HipLogic Live

HipLogic Live The HipLogic is a platform which brings one touch access to social networks, news stories and applications. This is a mobile data application that will always keep you live so that you get live notifications of your friends' status updates, along with la ...



Sky Sky is blue and white theme with custom icons for Nokia Symbian touchscreen devices.


Bubbles Touch


Bubbles Touch Bubble Touch is an application which lets you draw bubbles on mobile screen just by touching your mobile.