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Mr Lock


Mr Lock Mr Lock is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which allows you to set autolock timing for your phone.  Once enabled, it automatically locks your mobile.  You can enable auto lock functionality in any of your selected profile or on all profil ...


Skyfire 1.5


Skyfire 1.5 Skyfire 1.5 brings full VGA support for 5th edition devices, finger-friendly UI, smooth scrolling, full screen mode and much more.


Memo Touch


Memo Touch Memo Touch is an app from Offscreen Technology for Nokia Symbian touch phones. The good looking keypad of this application allows you to write easily. Once written, it will be saved in the application and will be available till you delete it. The de ...


Voice Recorder


Voice Recorder Voice Recorder is a handy app for recording your own voice on your Nokia Symbian touch device. Voice Recorder a very simple application. The red button on the bottom of the screen is used to start/stop the recording. The recorded data will be displayed ...


Weight Tracker


Weight Tracker Weight Tracker is an app for Nokia Symbian touch devices that helps you to loose or gain weight.  The application lets you enter your weight daily in kg/lbs and you can track your progress in the charts provided in the application.

Touch Piano


Touch Piano Touch Piano is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which turns your phone into a musical instrument. Play music using virtual keys. There are special sound effects including piano, organ, violin, flute, guitar and drum etc.


Mobile Info


Mobile Info Mobile Info is an application for Nokia Symbian touch phones which tells you about the Battery Strength, Standby Times, Talk Time etc.


Color Pulse


Color Pulse Color Pulse is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with custom icons. Color Pulse combines different colours and effects to create a cool atmosphere. The theme has been tested on Nokia 5800 and it should work on other Nokia Symbian touc ...