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SMS Preview


SMS Preview With SMS Preview, a preview of incoming text messages pops up as the message is received, enabling users to monitor message flow in real time without having to interrupt whatever they are doing to press a button or navigate to their messages folder to che ...




X-Plore X-plore is a file manager for S60 phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system. You can list directories, delete, copy, find, pack, send files and more. There is powerful direct mark/unmark functionality, its possible to manage bunch of fi ...


Converter Touch


Converter Touch This application can convert any units of measure. Besides it looks very good, its simple and intuitive to use. It was also tested to work in Nokia key devices. There is no exchange rate conversion, though. For currency conversion you might be interested ...


Candle Touch


Candle Touch Displays a very realistic looking candle in the screen. You can put the light off with a swipe with realistic smoking effect. Second swipe lights the candle again.




Youtube * Get the YouTube application for your phone to play high-quality videos. * Upload videos to YouTube directly from your phone. Features Browse millions of videos. Including most viewed, top rated, and the day's featured videos. Access your YouTube ac ...