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Phone Locator


Phone Locator Phonelocator periodic is a free service to help you keep tabs on the location of your phone. It runs in the background and can periodically update the phone's location to the Phonelocator server. Updates can also be triggered remotely by sending a text ...


Weight Tracker


Weight Tracker Weight Tracker is an app for Nokia Symbian touch devices that helps you to loose or gain weight.  The application lets you enter your weight daily in kg/lbs and you can track your progress in the charts provided in the application.

Flying Money Manager


Flying Money Manager Flying Money Manager is the professional expense tracker and budget manager with your account balances and all transactions at a glance. Main Features: * Registry view filtered by Date Range, Account, Types * Budgets: setting up and reports * Schedu ...


Sports Tracker


Sports Tracker Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that runs on Nokia 5800, N97 and 5530. Information such as speed, distance, and time are automatically stored in your training diary. On this site you can store and share your workouts and routes.