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My Music & Cat Food


My Music & Cat Food My Music & Cat Food is a youthful and funny theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones. It has quite girly colours, funny pictures and it's perfect for cat lovers!


S60 Green


S60 Green S60 Green is a colourful theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones. It has a cool neon colour effect.




Nimbuzz Nimbuzz is the best mobile messenger client for Symbian mobiles. Nimbuzz as a product offers big range of services under one umbrella. These offerings are VoIP calls, Instant Messaging and file-sharing with the world’s most popular social networks, ...



Desk Desk is a cool theme Nokia Symbian touch phones i.e. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97 and 5530 XpressMusic. Desk theme is based on wooden look and feel. The wooden graphics of this theme gives it a unique look. The theme comes with custom icons version and the ...


Handwriting Calculator


Handwriting Calculator Nokia Handwriting Calculator is an app that allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions. The Handwriting Calculator for Nokia Symbian touch phones has graduated from Beta Labs and  is a showcase of Nokia ’s new handwriting recognition ...


Wall Calendar Touch


Wall Calendar Touch Calendar Touch (V1.0) is a Calendar app for Nokia Symbian 5th Edition mobile phones. With Calendar Touch one can make entries on particular dates in calendar by using a notepad. A small recycle icon on the top left erases the notepad and a button on the t ...