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Black (N900)


Black (N900) Black is a stylish dark/black theme for the Nokia N900. This theme comes with custom icons. For instructions how to install this theme on your N900,go to Mowmo's homepage (


Bright Light


Bright Light Bright Light is a simple and handy application for Nokia Symbian touch phones.


Bubbles Touch


Bubbles Touch Bubble Touch is an application which lets you draw bubbles on mobile screen just by touching your mobile.


Cat Party


Cat Party Cat Party, also known as Party- he, she, it!, is a theme for catlovers and Nokia Symbian touch phone owners.


Checkers Touch


Checkers Touch Checkers is a board game for Nokia Symbian touch phones. The game is played on 8x8 chess board where only the dark squares are used. The game can be played either in Single-player or Double-player mode.




Chessboard Chessboard is a chess game for Nokia Symbian touch phones. The players can set the duration of the game by rotating the clock at the start. As the name implies, this app is just a virtual board and thus requires 2 players.


Color Pulse


Color Pulse Color Pulse is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with custom icons. Color Pulse combines different colours and effects to create a cool atmosphere. The theme has been tested on Nokia 5800 and it should work on other Nokia Symbian touc ...


Compass Touch


Compass Touch Compass Touch is a navigation application for Nokia N97. As its name implies, Compass Touch works as a compass. A built-in magnetometer and GPS provide the following functionality: direction in degrees, traditional compass and longitude/latitude coor ...