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HipLogic Live

HipLogic Live The HipLogic is a platform which brings one touch access to social networks, news stories and applications. This is a mobile data application that will always keep you live so that you get live notifications of your friends' status updates, along with la ...

Fring (N900)


Fring (N900) Fring IM is now available for Nokia N900! Fring for the N900 supports: Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM



Sky Sky is blue and white theme with custom icons for Nokia Symbian touchscreen devices.




it is theme


Bubbles Touch


Bubbles Touch Bubble Touch is an application which lets you draw bubbles on mobile screen just by touching your mobile.


SpeedTouch Lite


SpeedTouch Lite SpeedTouch Lite is a simple speed testing game for Nokia Symbian touch phones. On the screen you will see white spheres changing to orange spheres and you have to touch those orange ones with your fingers or stylus as precisely as possible to increase y ...


Nokia 9550

Nokia 9550 Nokia 9550 is a blue and white theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones.