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Kero Mobile


Kero Mobile Kero Mobile the next generation service oriented mobile AppStore. Kero Mobile allows mobile users to access mobile applications, games, media, music, social networking communities, news, sport news, blogs, city information, RSS feeds and more. The Kero ...



Mobbler Mobbler is a radio player and scrobbler for Symbian smartphones. It allows you to listen to your radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the standard music player. Warning: Please note that the radio player functionality of M ...

Nokia Music Explorer


Nokia Music Explorer Nokia Music Explorer is a widget for listening to and searching for music on Nokia Symbian touch phones. With this app you can search the music store of your country, keep track of the top 5 tracks in your favourite genre and quickly gain access to exclus ...



Spotify Finally, the streaming music service of the year arrived on Symbian phones!  As with iPhone and Android, this Spotify application is available only for premium subscribers of Spotify (9.99/month). But this doesn't mean you cannot install it; its just that ...

The Musicians' Swiss Knife


The Musicians' Swiss Knife Three tools in one. A pratic metronome, a versatile note generator to tune up your instrument and a manual beats per minute counter. Metronome Features Tempo Markings from 40 to 208 BPM * Largo 40-60 BPM * Larghetto 60-66 BPM * Adagio ...

Touch Piano


Touch Piano Touch Piano is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which turns your phone into a musical instrument. Play music using virtual keys. There are special sound effects including piano, organ, violin, flute, guitar and drum etc.