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Device Diagnostics


Device Diagnostics Device Diagnostics Beta is a useful application for Nokia Symbian touch phones which helps you to test several features of your phone. Following are some of the available diagnostics tests: Network Coverage Test: Checks the current signal strengt ...


Sonic Jump


Sonic Jump Sonic The Hedgehog goes vertical! In Sonic Jump, the only way is up for our speeding hero as he must stop another of Dr Eggman's diabolical plans to take over the world. Featuring the familiar fast paced Sonic action with an addictive new style, Sonic mus ...


Lapix Drawing Application


Lapix Drawing Application You can find in Lapix different tools and options: - Over 16 millions colors using the RGB model - You can abort the last modified - Choose the transparency level - Pencil’s dimension in the range 1-75 pixels - Different tools: pencil, rectangle, el ...


Weight Tracker


Weight Tracker Weight Tracker is an app for Nokia Symbian touch devices that helps you to loose or gain weight.  The application lets you enter your weight daily in kg/lbs and you can track your progress in the charts provided in the application.

Motion Dice Box


Motion Dice Box Motion Dice box lets you play many traditional dice games on your Nokia Symbian touch phones, just by shaking your phone.


Wall Calendar Touch


Wall Calendar Touch Calendar Touch (V1.0) is a Calendar app for Nokia Symbian 5th Edition mobile phones. With Calendar Touch one can make entries on particular dates in calendar by using a notepad. A small recycle icon on the top left erases the notepad and a button on the t ...


Solitaire Touch


Solitaire Touch This is the classic Klondike Solitaire card game from Offscreen Technologies. Game is played by dragging cards from deck to deck, competing against time. Once you solve the game the shortest time is recorded.




Jueguitos You who are soccer fans should know that Keepie Uppie is the art of juggling with a football using feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head, without allowing the ball to hit the ground. Well, the concept of Jueguitos game is pretty much the ...