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Nokia Photo Browser


Nokia Photo Browser Browse your photos with stunning 3D effects Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes your viewing experience quick and fun: * Pleasing visual effects * Intuitive touch UI * Magnifying glass * Face browsing ...


Shake It


Shake It Here they are, fun applications: a genre which has been very popular on the iPhone platform. We have been touting 5800 to be an iPhone killer since long now and finally some developers have realized the huge potential of our 5800s. Well, you gotta be wond ...


Flying Ringtone Maker


Flying Ringtone Maker Flying Ringtone Maker allows you to use any of your favorite songs, and have it on your mobile phone as a ringtone. With Ringtone Maker you can easily select any part of a song or audio file, cut it and assign to your contacts as ringtone. * Two editi ...




MobilePaint A Nokia app developed as example of a C++ application used to draw something with your hand or stylus.




MoBilliards MoBilliards is a billiards game for Nokia Symbian touch phones. The game was developed with Flash Lite technology.


SMS Preview


SMS Preview With SMS Preview, a preview of incoming text messages pops up as the message is received, enabling users to monitor message flow in real time without having to interrupt whatever they are doing to press a button or navigate to their messages folder to che ...




Symbian^3 Turn your Nokia touch phone into a Symbian^3 today