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Free PDF reader


Free PDF reader Fast, Easy to use, smooth and free PDF reader with fullscreen option


Bright Light


Bright Light Bright Light is a simple and handy application for Nokia Symbian touch phones.


Candle Touch


Candle Touch Displays a very realistic looking candle in the screen. You can put the light off with a swipe with realistic smoking effect. Second swipe lights the candle again.


Into the Lake


Into the Lake A sleek dark theme for Symbian touch devices




jFog Use you finger to wipe fog from your phone screen and draw cool stuff. Impress your friends with the coolest app ever made for touch screen phones, even if you don't have a touch screen!


Metal Detector Touch


Metal Detector Touch Metal Detector Touch is a small utility application for Nokia Symbian touch phones. Metal Detector Touch application detects any ferromagnetic object or magnetic field nearby your mobile device. Wave your device in a figure-of-8 until meter is full to ca ...