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Egg Timer


Egg Timer Egg Timer Touch is a handy application for Nokia Symbian touch phones.


Metal Detector Touch


Metal Detector Touch Metal Detector Touch is a small utility application for Nokia Symbian touch phones. Metal Detector Touch application detects any ferromagnetic object or magnetic field nearby your mobile device. Wave your device in a figure-of-8 until meter is full to ca ...


Lapix Drawing Application


Lapix Drawing Application You can find in Lapix different tools and options: - Over 16 millions colors using the RGB model - You can abort the last modified - Choose the transparency level - Pencil’s dimension in the range 1-75 pixels - Different tools: pencil, rectangle, el ...


Azenis XM


Azenis XM Azenis XM is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with four different wall papers! All wallpapers have a nature theme (flowers etc).


Frozen Bubble Twisted


Frozen Bubble Twisted Frozen Bubble Twisted is a remix version of the popular Frozen Bubble game which was written in Perl by Guillaume Cottenceau. Frozen Bubble Twisted is a game for Nokia Symbian touch phones which uses the accelerometer sensor to move left or right and to ...




jFog Use you finger to wipe fog from your phone screen and draw cool stuff. Impress your friends with the coolest app ever made for touch screen phones, even if you don't have a touch screen!


The Musicians' Swiss Knife


The Musicians' Swiss Knife Three tools in one. A pratic metronome, a versatile note generator to tune up your instrument and a manual beats per minute counter. Metronome Features Tempo Markings from 40 to 208 BPM * Largo 40-60 BPM * Larghetto 60-66 BPM * Adagio ...


Bright Light


Bright Light BrightLight is a very easy-to-use application and the only control option is the touchscreen switch which is the only screen of the application. There are basically two controls: ON and OFF, which are self explanatory and there is nothing much to elaborat ...