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Mac OSX Leopard


Mac OSX Leopard Mac OSX Leopard theme for Nokia Symbian v5 touch phones


Candle Touch


Candle Touch Displays a very realistic looking candle in the screen. You can put the light off with a swipe with realistic smoking effect. Second swipe lights the candle again.


Nokia Photo Browser


Nokia Photo Browser Browse your photos with stunning 3D effects Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes your viewing experience quick and fun: * Pleasing visual effects * Intuitive touch UI * Magnifying glass * Face browsing ...


Touch Piano


Touch Piano Touch Piano is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which turns your phone into a musical instrument. Play music using virtual keys. There are special sound effects including piano, organ, violin, flute, guitar and drum etc.


Mobile Info


Mobile Info Mobile Info is an application for Nokia Symbian touch phones which tells you about the Battery Strength, Standby Times, Talk Time etc.


Flying Ringtone Maker


Flying Ringtone Maker Flying Ringtone Maker allows you to use any of your favorite songs, and have it on your mobile phone as a ringtone. With Ringtone Maker you can easily select any part of a song or audio file, cut it and assign to your contacts as ringtone. * Two editi ...


BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer lets you catch up with BBC radio and television programmes from the past week. You have to be in UK to stream most of the programs.


Color Pulse


Color Pulse Color Pulse is a cool theme for Nokia Symbian touch phones that comes with custom icons. Color Pulse combines different colours and effects to create a cool atmosphere. The theme has been tested on Nokia 5800 and it should work on other Nokia Symbian touc ...