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Flying Voice Notes

Flying Voice Notes Flying Voice Notes is a convenient solution for those who keep track of their task items via email or those who prefer sending voice notes to colleagues or friends. Main Features: * Quickly create a voice note and send it to your email or to others wi ...



MSN windows live messenger :D FOR S60

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Nokia Beta Labs' Messaging application lets people view, post, and comment on messages, share their location and status while keeping up with their Facebook friends right from their Nokia handsets. Also you can upload pictures and videos, view calendar ev ...

SMS Preview


SMS Preview With SMS Preview, a preview of incoming text messages pops up as the message is received, enabling users to monitor message flow in real time without having to interrupt whatever they are doing to press a button or navigate to their messages folder to che ...



SMS TAG Apply labels to your SMS messages, and find them in a click! SMS TAG allows you to tag all your SMS messages with all the labels you want, to keep them organized and easily browsable.