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Sonic Jump


Sonic Jump Sonic The Hedgehog goes vertical! In Sonic Jump, the only way is up for our speeding hero as he must stop another of Dr Eggman's diabolical plans to take over the world. Featuring the familiar fast paced Sonic action with an addictive new style, Sonic mus ...



SpeedTester SpeedTester is a game for Nokia Symbian touch phones where the objective is to test your speed. How fast you can click on the button which glows. There are four buttons on the screen. They glow in random order. The moment it glows, you have to click on ...

SpeedTouch Lite


SpeedTouch Lite SpeedTouch Lite is a simple speed testing game for Nokia Symbian touch phones. On the screen you will see white spheres changing to orange spheres and you have to touch those orange ones with your fingers or stylus as precisely as possible to increase y ...

Spin the Bottle


Spin the Bottle Spin the Bottle is a classic and simple game for any occasion. The app works in Nokia Symbian devices.



Tic-tac-toe Classioc tic-tac-toe game for touch screen