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3D Sphere Theme.


3D Sphere Theme..

BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer lets you catch up with BBC radio and television programmes from the past week. You have to be in UK to stream most of the programs.

Bubbles Touch


Bubbles Touch Bubble Touch is an application which lets you draw bubbles on mobile screen just by touching your mobile.

Candle Touch


Candle Touch Displays a very realistic looking candle in the screen. You can put the light off with a swipe with realistic smoking effect. Second swipe lights the candle again.

Coin Tosser


Coin Tosser An electronic coin tosser utilizing accelorometer



Fireplace Get Pico Fireplace and stay warm in front of a warm and cosy fireplace. Connect the phone to your flat screen TV and you have a big fireplace. Touch on the left side of the fire to grill a sausage on the open fire. Just watch out that you don’t burn it.

Gig Finder

Gig Finder Gig Finder Beta is an app for Nokia Symbian touch phones which helps users find live music events based on their current location and music tastes. With Gig Finder Beta you can View events recommended to you based on your music profile. Pick ...



jFog Use you finger to wipe fog from your phone screen and draw cool stuff. Impress your friends with the coolest app ever made for touch screen phones, even if you don't have a touch screen!